Human Resources

Your ProMarket Network advisor can meet your human resource needs with our strategic partner Symbiose Ressources Humaines (SRH).

As a result, we are able to offer you a complete range of human resources consulting services, as well as being able to help you find a new employee who will integrate your team in a natural way.

SRH can offer you the following professional services:

  • Completion of the declaration under the Pay Equity Act
  • Consultation on the Skills Act (formerly the 1% Act)
  • Training to cultivate motivation in companies
  • Consultation on Human Resources Management in the Workplace

In addition, SRH is recognized for its effectiveness as a recruitment placement agency and offers the following services:

  • Permanent placement: to delegate the heavy recruitment process, do business with SRH who will put his team of experts to work to find a candidate compatible with your professional values ??to complete your team.
  • Temporary placement: Whether for a new project, a temporary replacement or a probationary period, SRH will provide you with one employee, but will take care of all the administrative, accounting and tax aspects to allow you to focus on the work to be done. all simplicity.

Finally, some of the salespeople offered by SRH’s recruitment services have been trained by ProMarket Network and we can therefore certify that their training and experience will exceed your expectations.

Do not hesitate to talk with your ProMarket Network advisor who will make you benefit from SRH’s professional services by giving you access to very advantageous special rates!

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