Public Relations

Thanks to our network of professionals and our team of representatives, we will be able to improve your external influence both on the web and real relationships.

Development of your business network

On your behalf, we will identify and contact key people who could significantly increase your turnover. We will develop this network of contacts online as well, through various tools, including social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and offline.

We have developed different techniques to find and join business decision makers. Thus, thanks to our services you will be able to create new alliances.

Search for business opportunities

You do not know where to look for new customers? Would you like to develop new markets without knowing exactly which ones? No problem!

We will try to find people with whom you can develop new products, attack new markets or take advantage of new opportunities. In addition, through our cross-marketing promotions, we could also find people with whom you can share your advertising costs, thereby benefiting from an exponential effect on the effectiveness of your visibility efforts.

Placing your products and services

Do you have a good product or service, and would you like to make it known? We can help you place this product or service in the hands of influential people or those of your potential customers.

Here are some examples of successful product and service placements that we have achieved:

  • Disc launches
  • Shows
  • Radio Promotion
  • Charity organization
  • Potential buyers of all kinds
  • Restaurant, bars, various shops
  • Young people aged 18-35
  • Specialized magazines
  • TV series

No matter where you would like to be seen, we will find solutions tailored to your company.

Creation of reputation on the net

We are also able to give you better internet visibility as well as better SEO. Through various techniques, we will spread your site on the Web.

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