Promarket Network is a group of business advisors, vendors, and partners who will help your business get off the ground.

Our mission is clear: to provide you with all the necessary tools to make your business a commercial success and increase your turnover.

Here’s how we’ll get there

Through our network, we are able to help you with your marketing, the management of your business, the training and motivation of your employees, the management of your human resources and even the management of your technologies.

In addition, because we have several clients, we can act as an intermediary to find virtually anything that could help your company at very competitive prices.

In each sector we have experienced specialists who will accompany you.

All that remains is to choose the sector in which your company is currently facing a challenge and your Promarket Network advisor will be happy to assist you in finding a reliable, sustainable solution adapted to your budget.


Dany Cenac Robert, President

Dany Cenac Robert

The word of the president

“…ProMarket Network is the company that is committed to your success and will not be afraid to make a little extra for your business take off …”

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